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Dale Kesterson was born in Manhattan, NY and grew up on Long Island. Since then, she has lived in six widely diverse locations, from New Orleans to deliberately moving to a town so small it does not have a red-yellow-green traffic light.

She has been creating stories and putting them on paper since the age of seven, even writing and producing a neighborhood play at twelve. Life, however, kept her busy doing things such as majoring in science in college, teaching math and science, studying nursing, and managing a small home business with her husband.

Odd creative opportunities presented themselves throughout the years, however, with two highlights. Dale did a two-year stint with an opera company where she performed pantomime characters while singing with the chorus and she worked on a radio show as an anchor and character voice artist.

She co-authored the first two Time Guards novels, and now pens the Lauren Kaye Mysteries. RESORT TO MURDER is the introductory novel of a new series, and STAGED FOR DEATH will follow in the spring of 2022.

Dale is a seasoned traveler who is also a professional photographer. In 2018 she auditioned for a part for a community theater and has been active as an actress, singer, and assistant director with two local community theaters in her area.

She lives in southwest Kansas with her husband (of over 30 years) and their hairless cats. When she’s not writing, performing, or appearing at conventions as an author or panelist or songstress, she does handcrafts. This lady hates being bored!

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Books Published

Staged for Death: A Lauren Kaye Mystery

Lauren Kaye, a part-time night student in addition to her job as a reporter for the Daily Gleaner, has a problem: she needs a fine arts class to fulfill a graduation requirement and her advisor has signed her up for a daytime class in music appreciation. If she takes the class, she’ll lose her job.

Her advisor arranges to waive the class if she will agree to become a ‘supernumerary’ in Hofstra College’s opera production in its stead. Once she is told a ‘super’ is a non-singing extra on stage, Lauren (who is tone deaf) takes the deal. She figures it’s a class assignment, so what could go wrong?

She did not realize someone had planned it so the opera was staged for death!

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Other Books

Resort to Murder: A Lauren Kaye Mystery

Devil to Pay:
Time Guards Volume One

Four Score and Seven:
Time Guards Book Two

Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild

Tales of the Interstellar
Bartenders Guild

Dreams of Time and Space

Lauren Kaye Box Set

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Dale Kesterson
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