The Lauren Kaye Mysteries

Lauren Kaye is a full-time reporter for Long Island’s Daily Gleaner and part-time night student at Hofstra College in 1950. An only child and on her own, she is independent, feisty, and a bit of a smart aleck in an era when most young ladies are content with marriage and children.

Lauren’s stories sometimes land her in the midst of sticky situations where she comes up against the crusty captain of the Northwoods Glen police department, Daniel O’Brien. Her friend and mentor, Robert Mallory, is his best friend and recommended her to him as thorough and observant. As much as O’Brien hates amateurs getting in his way at crime scenes, he soon realizes she can be more help than hindrance. Their first encounter, at the Northwoods Resort and Beach Club, forces him to admit she does one or two things better than anyone else the police veteran he met.

The three make a good investigative team in the stories told in first person by Lauren Kaye. Each novel of the series stands alone or can be read in succession.